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Just like many other Middleton people I get the Middleton Guardian every week and feel the same as many others about the changes going on. Does anyone actually remember being consulted about these changes or even asked if they are actually what WE want? Did anyone get an opportunity to at least vote on ideas for the re-generation of our own town? Or is it just me that missed something?? Then again I seem to remember most of Middleton clearly expressing their wish to have something like our old Edgar Wood fountain back but despite that we got the Middleton Moonraker Monstrosity. Sorry... monument. Slip of the finger!

Where is our heritage disappearing to? Will we allow every last few remaining historic buildings to be taken from us, because the last to go will take our identity as a historic town with it and we will just be "Tesco Town" as the phrase has already been coined. I visited Tonge Hall after the fire. I knew it would break my heart to see it and it did. What can we do to save it? Is there anything we can do about this sort of crime or anything affecting our town? Maybe we can here through this website because it is nothing to do with Rochdale. This is for Middleton people who want to preserve and protect what we have as Rochdale Council are doing very little to do this, even though they are happy to take our money. Let's get and stick together, protest in numbers. I'm sure we can do it! Rochdale controls everything here and we have just been allowing them to do so. I too vaguely remember the beautiful floral gardens we had in the centre as a child. How did it come to the cold grey concrete barrenness we have now? How many more local businesses will be driven out? Let's try and save what we have left of our identity before it's too late.

There are many claiming to want what's best for us and have our best interests at heart but most have their hands tied or are answerable to other people higher and therefore restricted in what they can achieve. I'm not. This is MY website and I can do pretty much what I want here in the interest of our town. This is what it is here for but not only that. There are many ways we can improve our lot here by giving us a means of communication, to be heard and find information we need or help when perhaps we don't know where else to turn. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew here and am relying on the community itself to get involved and help me make this work for the good of us all. Who knows where it will lead? It's never been done before. So to all Middleton residents and businesses alike, let's see where we can go with this and see if we can make a difference before Middleton goes completely down the pan beyond ressurrection. I believe we can which is why I have put so much time into this. If you are as passionate as me, come on board!

And on that note, I would just like to say one more thing. This time last year I was the worst technophobe I knew! I had never even touched a computer! They were only just being introduced into schools as I was leaving and I had done my schooling and had no interest in learning anything new. That considered I am the last person in the world anyone would ever imagine to set up a website! Proof in itself of just how much we can actually achieve if we put our minds to it... and even surprise ourselves!!

The editor. May 08.

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