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Can you help? Jim Russell is coming over from Vancouver in September and is looking for old friend Ron Barrett (about 66 now) who lived on Langley and was a milkman.

Dennis Ryan has been trying to get in touch with Sylvia nee Roddy, possibly later Collins. She grew up on Hollin estate and worked at Queens Road bus depot in the 1950s and 60s. Please email me at colette@middletonia.co.uk if you have any information on either.

Latest in Middleton

May's Days

May's Days

Brand new Middleton book available now!

This fascinating autobiography tells how an ordinary Middleton lass, who lived through hardship and war, went on to leave her hometown and live a somewhat 'colourful' life (in more ways than one) in the picturesque city of York where she still lives today, with many happy memories of her life in Middleton, by May Webb.

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Taxi driver assaulted by robber

A taxi driver was assaulted during a robbery in Middleton. At about 12.30am on 11 May, the 60-year-old driver collected a man from Bowness Road, Middleton and took him to Baguley Crescent. Once there, the passenger demanded the driver’s car keys and cash...........For more, go to News

Bogus callers in Middleton

Three men conned a 69-year-old man into giving them money for work that was not carried out. At around 12.30pm on Tuesday 22 April, three men knocked on the door of a house on Lister Road, claiming to be from the water board. They said they were there to check the drains and asked for money. When it was given to them, they claimed they needed to get some machinery and would be back to carry out the work. They never returned..........For more, go to News

This Month in Middleton History

Edgar Wood Our very own Edgar Wood was born in Middleton on the 17th May 1860 to parents Thomas Broadbent Wood, a wealthy cotton mill owner and his wife Mary, and was educated at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School. He went on to become an internationally famous architect having designed and built churches, schools, shops and homes, many of which still exist in and around Middleton today.
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Article of the Month

A history of Alkrington and Tonge

Alkrington and Tonge Most of the rivers and brooks that made up the boundaries of the ancient manor of Alkrington, which included the area known as Tonge, are still there, bounded on the north-west by the river Irk, the north-east by Wince brook, and on the west by Boardman brook, which also provided a portion of the southern boundary.

The only border I am not sure of is in the south-east, where there may have been another brook or brooks that got swallowed up by the Rochdale canal. There is believed to have been a much older hall on the site of the present Alkrington Hall.........................For more by Peter Langley, go to Local history.

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Event of the Month in Middleton

Saturday 24th May

Alkrington & Providence United Reformed Church. 7.30pm

Middleton Musical Society Concert

Middleton Musical Society presents “Smilin’ though” and will be singing songs that were popular during the First World War. There will also be examples of the poetry of those who were actively involved in the fighting and those who observed and encouraged others to participate. It will be an evening with a wide range of musical and poetic styles filled with tuneful reminders of how music, and especially song, helped to sustain both soldiers in the trenches and their families at home during one of history's most bloody conflicts.

Admission £7, children FREE

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Photograph of the Month

Alkrington Woods in the 1950s, as seen in 'Middleton Through Time' courtesy of Alan Halkyard (See advert on page). Click on image for the bigger picture. © Middletonia


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